148. Miss Acland's Sinclair 'Una' Quarter-plate Hand Camera, c. 1910

Signed on ivory plaque: 'The Una Camera. JAMES A. SINCLAIR & C1 LTD. 54. HAYMARKET. LONDON. SW.'

Similar in design to the 'Century' hand camera (Item 22) and T. E. Lawrence's archaeological camera (Item 57), for plates 120 x 90 mm. The focusing scales are for lenses of focal lengths 113, 9 and 52 inches (285 mm, 228 mm and 140 mm). The lens fitted to the camera is a f7 Crouch symmetrical doublet of 203 mm focal length (engraved on lens barrel: 'Henry Crouch. 66 Barbican London'). There is a removable ground glass focusing screen with detachable folding cloth hood. The size of this screen matches the dimensions of Miss Acland's autochromes (Items 109 and 110).

Height 160 mm, width 160 mm, length 110 mm (folded).
Inventory no. 80,709 and 85,409.