128. Zeiss Protar on Goerz Shutter, c. 1904

Signed: 'C. P. GOERZ. BERLIN. D. R. P.' and '3879' and '3' (on shutter); 'Carl Zeiss Jena N1 64447. Protarline F ' 285 mm. D. R. P. 56109' (front element), and 'Carl Zeiss. Jena. N1 65030. Protarline F ' 224 mm. D. R. P. 56109' (rear element).

An unsymmetrical doublet lens designed in 1890. Zeiss Protar front and rear components mounted either side of a Goerz multi-bladed shutter. The front component is in essence the front part of a rapid rectilinear lens and the rear component the rear of a Ross concentric lens. This overcame the spherical aberration limitation of the Ross Concentric.

Diameter 70 mm, depth 11 mm.
Inventory no. 68,780.