Central Case
1.Oxford Photographic Society
2.Folding Camera Obscura
3.Large Folding Box Camera
4.Folding Box Camera
5.Half-Plate Field Camera
6.Daguerreotype Plate Holder
7.Wet-Collodion Tank
8.Lewis Carroll's Photo Outfit
9.Eastman Rollfilm Holder
North Island Case
10.Hand-held Camera Obscura
11.Reflex Camera Obscura
12.Reflex Camera Obscura
13.Reflex Camera Obscura
14.Scioptic Ball
15.Large Scioptic Ball
16.Camera Lucida
17.Graphic Telescope
18.Solar Microscope
19.Sliding Box Camera
20.Sliding Box Camera
21.Half-Plate Field Camera
22.Quarter-Plate Hand Camera
23.Folding Camera
24.Magazine Box Camera
25.Box Camera
26.'Nydia' Pocket Camera
27.'Special B' Box Camera
28.No. 2 Kodak
29.Kodak No. 2 'Bulls-Eye'
30.No. 4 Bullet Kodak
31.Falcon Kodak Box Camera
32.Kodak No 2 Bullet '98 Model
33.Concealed Bellows Camera
34.No. 3A Folding Brownie
35.No. 3 Autographic Kodak
36.No. 2 Brownie, Model F
37.Kodak Hawkeye Box Camera
South Island Case
38.'Naturalist' Camera
39.Auto-Graflex SLR Camera
40.Ensign 'Ful-Vue' Box Camera
41.Rolleicord Twin-Lens Reflex
42.Monocular Camera
43.Monocular Stereo Camera
44.Binocular Stereo Camera
45.Binocular Stereo Camera
46.Binocular Stereo Camera
47.Binocular Stereo Camera
48.Binocular Stereo Camera
49.Binocular Stereo Camera
50.'Puck' Stereo Box Camera
51.Nimslo 3D Camera
52.Sutton Panoramic Camera
53.No. 1 Kodak Panoram
54-55.Astronomical Cameras
56.Telescope Dark Slide Carrier
57.T. E. Lawrence's Camera
58.Multiple Exposure Camera
59.Integral Processing Camera
60.Polaroid Land Camera
Left Desk Case
61.Portrait of Michael Faraday
62.Portrait of a young lady
63.Stereoscopic still life
64.The telescope at Slough
65.Photogenic drawing of lace
66.Photogenic drawing of houses
67.Portrait of a boy
68.Hodgson on a velocipede
69.View of an exhibition
70.'Eleanor and Fair Rosamond'
71.Carte-de-visite portraits
72.View of an Indian temple
73.Images of the Moon
74.Lantern Slide
75.Microscopical tableau
76.Image of Perseus cluster
77.Country house landscape
78.Portrait of Albert Günther
79.Folder of family snaps
80.Autographic Kodak Images
Central Desk Case
81.'Bijou' Box Camera
82.Metal Miniature Camera
83.Waistcoat Camera
84.Waistcoat Camera
85.'Kombi' Camera
86.'Presto' Pocket Camera
87.'Ticka' Camera
88.'Block-Notes' Camera
89.'Ensignette' Pocket Camera
90.Kodak Pocket Premo
91.Watch Pocket square carbine
92.Salex Murer Folding Camera
93.Autographic Kodak Camera
94.Purma Rollfilm Camera
95.Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16
96.Kodak Instamatic 104
97.Zeiss Ikon Contax 35 Camera
98.Kodak Retina I
99.Russian FED 4
Right Desk Case
100.Stereoscopic 'Kromogram'
101.Replication of Ives's process
102.Sanger Shepherd's outfits
103.Photograph of a water mite
104.'Spanish Gipsies' in Gibraltar
105.Sanger Shepherd lantern slide
106-7.Still life of vegetables
108.Joly's process
109.Landscape of Madeira
110.Portrait by Miss Acland
111.Lady in a bluebell wood
112.Dufay dioptichrome portrait
113.Omnicolore process
114.Paget process by Miss Acland
115.Agfa colour lantern slide
116.Kodak tripack 35mm slide
117.Top Gallery of the Museum
Right Wall Case
118.Singlet Landscape Lens
119.Chevalier Landscape Lens
120.Doublet Portrait Lens
121.Doublet Petzval-type Lens
122.Chevalier Combination Lens
123.Voigtländer 'Doublet' Lens
124.Triple Achromatic Lens
125.Dallmeyer Rapid Rectilinear
126.Ross Rapid Symmetrical Lens
127.Ross Concentric Lens
128.Zeiss Protar on Goerz Shutter
129.'Champion' Guillotine Shutter
130.'Phoenix' Shutter
131.Go and Return Shutter
132.Two-bladed Shutter
133.Newman Pneumatic Shutter
134.Roller-Blind Shutter
135.'Unicum' Eyelid Shutter
136.'Lukos II' Compound Shutter
137.Exposure Calculator
138.Watch-pattern Actinometer
139.Watch-pattern Actinometer
140.Special 'Bee' Meter
141.Decoudun's Exposure Meter
142.Heyde's Aktinophotometer
143.Wynne's Print Meter
144.Chapman Jones Plate Tester
145.Photoelectric Exposure Meter
Left Wall Case
146.Ives's 'Kromskop'
147.Stereoscopic colour camera
148.Sinclair 'Una' hand camera
149.Viewing frame
150.Repeating holder
151.Stereoscopic viewer
Hanging on the Wall
152.Portrait of J. F. W. Herschel