BioArt is an emerging area of artistic practice that brings together art and science, using biological media and scientific as well as artistic methods to create artworks.

It explores the relationship between humans, science and ethics. BioArtists work with bacteria or other living organisms or tissue, and also study life processes. Using scientific methods such as biotechnology and genetic engineering, the artworks are produced in laboratories, galleries, hacker-spaces, or artists’ studios.

With the impact of biotechnological progress and human involvement in everything from the environment to DNA, far-reaching discoveries have created fertile ground for artistic expression. The work of BioArtists can help offer new meanings for our lives in the wake of scientific discovery or raise issues for societal and ethical debate. Anna Dumitriu is internationally recognised as a pioneer in BioArt and known for her work with bacteria and synthetic biology.

The special exhibition Anna Dumitriu: BioArt and Bacteria was on display at the Museum of the History of Science from 28 September 2017 – 18 March 2018.

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