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Had antibiotics for a nose, ear & throat infection.

I was worried about becoming drug-resistant to future health problems but I was so ill I wanted to feel better soon. Within days the ENT was cleared & I felt well


I had MRSA – antibiotic resistant infection – after the birth of my child in 2003. It was HORRIBLE. I have scars from where dead tissue was removed. Luckily the JR were able to give me suitable drugs … more antibiotics!


They are good because they make me better.


Please, don’t demand antibiotics from your GP
– help to fight antibiotic resistance!
Thank you, doctor


[what difference?] Dealt with an infection due to a cat bite!


They have made a big difference. But I only use them when certain it is a bacterial infection.
[Is there a family connection with the development of penicillin?] no.

By taking all of the antibiotics given to you by the doctor helps prevent the resistant ones from developing


Saved my son with pneumonia.
Saved my son at birth


[Worried…?] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Please DONT ask your GP for antibiotics for a cold!


I have taken antibiotics several times over my lifetime (now 52 yrs).
I am grateful to live in a time of antibiotics but try lots of other cures before I will take them.
It annoys me they give them routinely to farm animals


Antibiotics saved my life as I used to have strong throat infections.
However, as my body is so nice, now I have developed resistance to penicillin I’m allergic now. I hope not to need it anymore. 🙂


Only used them a couple of times.
[worried about drug-resistant infections?] Yes, a lot.
[What can you do…] Only take it really necessary, but then the whole prescription


I did my undergraduate project looking at other protiens (sic) in bacteria to potentially target with new antibiotics.

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[what difference?] Probably kept me alive
[Worried…?] Yes
[What can you do to help …] Complete the course prescribed & remain aware of its misuse in chicken production

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I suffer from asthma which is severe at times & much worse with a chest infection.
Antibiotics make my life possible – I take several courses each year.
It would be fantastic if biology, nano-technology & computing could come together to discover new antibiotics.


[what difference?] They are my hero. I’ve never known a world without them and looking back on their absence looks like a horror story.
A future without that safety is terrifying.


[Doctor or nurse?] No.
Don’t give them out so often
[Is there a family connection with the development of penicillin?] I don’t known
[Worried?] Yes
[What can you do to help …] Don’t take them unless you really need to, and use them to the very end


I am a Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics graduate from King’s College London. I have studied a fair bit about antibiotics – I had to take antibiotic myself a year and a half ago because I had pneumonia. I was given cyclosporine and a few other drugs I cannot remember. So antibiotic actually helped me recover.*

* Though a science graduate, I am worried about the ‘post-antibiotic era’ and what would we do then?!


As a TB researcher, antibiotics have saved millions from this disease – but the landscape is changing. MDR TB (and … X’tra drug resistant TB) are growing & may costly to patients and system esp. the global – antibiotics cannot be relied on as ‘silver bullets’ any more!


My grandfather, a pathologist, died of sepsis after cutting his finger during a post-mortem. This was 1926 – so I never met him which I regret.


I am allergic to penicillin. I have always had to be careful with anti-biotics because if I become resistant to the ones I can use, it will be much harder to treat myself in the future. I also work in reproductive health and am very concerned about drug-resistant STIs. A lot of patients don’t finish their course!


I am a senior carer in a nursing home. In my personal opinion, antibiotics nowadays are prescribed to often even in cases when there is no need for it.

Be aware!


I haven’t taken antibiotics myself but I would like to.
I liked Penicillin


I have taken anti-biotics before.
I don’t like having to swallow them whole.


I have used a plethora of anti-biotics to treat acne for about 15 years. I have noticed the resistance, as my acne stays the same.
Very worried about drug-resistant infections.


My dad got cancer and his condition deteriorated quickly. Towards he end of his life he went into septic shock as his body was so vulnerable. Antibiotics saved him then, but he died a couple of days later. It meant however he was able to spend his last days in his family home. In a post-antibiotic era, which I fear dreadfully, the risk of chemotherapy would be too high and he might not have lived so long. Why are we putting ourselves at risk by not taking this issue seriously?


I worry they will damage my gut microbiome so I don’t take them unless it would save my life
I am very worried about antibiotic resistant bacteria

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Worried about drug resistant infections. Some AB’s cause more infections I’ve learned – cure 1, get another.

Possibly a connection w/ family – if one child is allergic to penicillin can’t they all be?

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I can help by not expecting antibiotics from GP when not necessary + looking after myself.
My brother born in 1947 wasn’t given antibiotics when born & swallowed amniotic fluid so died after 5 days. So I haven’t older brother.
I’ve had antibiotics for abscesses. Two of my sons survived severe meningitic infections thanks to J.R. hospital + antibiotics.
D. Hodgkin is my hero as she discovered structure of insulin + my daughter has diabetes Type I


Worked in NHS for 40 years in good health.
In retirement contracted a series of chest infections < ??? >
Winter 2015 3!! chest infections + 3 different lots of antibiotics – no blood tests – no effective treatment.
Can we test blood before dispensing?


A lady in China developed an alternative to antibiotics – a sort of tiny “ninja star” it perforate cell membrane killing bacteria, without damaging human cells (don’t remember how). It is more efficient than antibiotics, as no toxins necessary -> bacteria dead before they cause a problems


My infant son got pneumonia (1988). He was given a very large dose of penicillin that killed the pneumonococci, but also the biological controls for the bacteria producting a very painful infection in all his mucuose tissues!


I remember when I was a child a doctor told me using antibiotic very much will have bad effect on your immune system. Since then I used them rarely now I’m thirty years old. I live fine without them. I might used less than 20 tablets in 20 years.


(1) Most important thing to do is awareness of how important Hygiene is. So many under-developed countries lack the essential knowledge on how extremely important that is.

(2) Maybe try finding other natural elements from space for research to develop drugs against drug-resistant bacteria


[Doctor or nurse?] No
Saved my life in 1946.
[Worried?] Yes.
Dad work on production at Boots (Nottingham) in the late 1940’s.


[Doctor or nurse?] Nurse

[What difference?] Cleared infection
[Family connection?] No
[Worried?] Yes.
[What can you do to help …?] Only use if diagnosed with bacterial infection that would benefit from antibiotic


Education on the dangers of antibiotic abuse and MRS or TRS of different bacteria is the only way to slow the antibiotic resistance epidemic. In many third world countries, poverty means that many ill people can only afford a single antibiotic tablet. And lack of symptoms in a first world country does not mean a complete cure.


My mother takes antibiotics every time she is sick, even with a cold or viral infection. I’ve told her this is pointless but she won’t listen. From her perspective antibiotics are a ‘wonder’ drug. I worry about the side-effects of taking antibiotics needlessly.


An infection seems to be the answer to everything and antibiotics are handed out without investigation to actual cause of illness


As a pharmacy student learning about drugs, the fact that completing an entire course of antibiotics has not been stressed enough to the general public. Creating awareness could be the first step to defeating antibiotic resistance.


One time I got scratched by a cat. I started getting infected so I went to the hospital. They gave me antibiotics so the infection went down. I now have permanent marks.