The exhibition also features a sequence of astrolabes arranged in chronological order through one thousand years.
Table shows thumbnails of astrolabes from our collection in chronological order with links.
Astrolabe, by Khafif, Syro-Egyptian, late 9th century? (Inv. 47632)
Astrolabe rete, Syria?, early 10th century? (Inv. 48470)
Astrolabe, by Ahamad and Muhammad the Sons of Ibrahim, Isfahan, 984/5 or 1003/4 (Inv. 33767)
Astrolabe, by Muhammad ibn Sa'id as-Sabban, Guadalajara, 1081/2  (Inv. 52473)
Astrolabe, by Ibrahim ibn Sa'id al-Sahli, Toledo, 1068 (Inv. 55331)
Astrolabe, Spain?, c.1260 (Inv. 49033)
Astrolabe, by Muhammad ibn Fattuh al-Khamairi, Seville, 1224/5  (Inv. 50934)
Astrolabe, Workshop of Jean Fusoris?, France? (Inv. 49636)
Astrolabe, English, c.1370 (Inv. 47869)
Astrolabe, Sicily?, 14th century (Inv. 50769)
Astrolabe, by Egnatio Danti, Florence, c.1580 (Inv. 52209)
Paper Astrolabe, by Philippe Danfrie, Paris, 1584 (Inv. 34268)
Astrolabe, by Regnerus Arsenius, Louvain, 1565 (Inv. 53558)
Astrolabe, by Muhammad Amin ibn Amirza Khan an-Nakha'i, Persian, 1587/8 (Inv. 52399)
Astrolabe, by Allahdad, Lahore, c.1570 (Inv. 47376)
Astrolabe, by Pierre Sevin, Paris, c.1670 (Inv. 42680)
Astrolabe, North Indian, 18th century? (Inv. 52478)
Astrolabe and Equatorium, southern France or Italy, late 15th century (Inv. 49847)
Astrolabe, by Qa'im Muhammad, Lahore, 1634/5  (Inv. 42730)
Astrolabe, North African, late 19th century (Inv. 47714)
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