Astrolabe Catalogue


Type: Cotangent
Style: Cotangent, arc
Geometry: Circular, concentric
Unit of measurement: 1/60 of quadrant radius
(Numbering) starts at: 0
(Numbering) ends at: 45
Numbered: Every 5
Repeats: 1 times
Divided every: 5 (1/60 of quadrant radius)
then every: 1 (1/60 of quadrant radius)
Notes: This scale is located immediately inside the outer altitude scale

Scale located on: Tympan, Womb or Back .

Location(s) detail:

4: Lower right quadrant of outer circular on back of instrument. (4)


Type: Scale label
Content: ظل اسابع
Translation: Shadow [scale] of fingers
Language: Persian
Script: Nashki
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