Astrolabe Catalogue


The calendar is of the Western type. Numbered every five days and the end of the month. Months marked with the labours of the month..The vernal equinox falls on the 21th day of March. [N.B: Date is decimal as date of vernal equinox on some astrolabes can be measured to within 0.25 of a day]There is a small scale showing the age of the moon through the year.
The calendar is labelled:
Month of the year Labelled on astrolabe
1. January : Januarius
2. February : Februarius
3. March : martius
4. April : Aprilis
5. May : Maius
6. June : Junius
7. July : Iulius
8. August: Augustus
9. September : September
10. October : October
11. November : November
12. December : December
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