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Epact Exhibition

Autumn, 1997

THE uncertainty generated by the Lottery Grant and the forthcoming development has necessarily disrupted the Museum’s programme of special exhibitions. With closure of the Museum for building work and redisplay of the collection in prospect, the decision has been taken not to replace the last temporary exhibition – ‘Cameras: the Technology of Photographic Imaging’ – with anything nearly as substantial as visitors might have come to expect.

Instead, a more make-shift exhibition will be put in place, drawing on work done for a collaborative project sponsored by the European Com mission between the Museum, the Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, the Museo di Storia della Scienza in Florence and the British Museum. ‘Epact’ – the title of the project and the exhibition – will illustrate progress towards the project’s end result, a shared database of Medieval and Renaissance math matical instruments in the four museums.