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Named Lectures

Spring, 1997

SINCE, as announced in Issue no. 3 of Sphæra, the South Kensington Institute for the History of Technology in London, the Whipple Museum in Cambridge, and the Museum of the History of Science agreed to collaborate in sponsoring an occasional, roving lecture series, two lectures have already taken place. Dr Jerry Ravetz has spoken in London on the development of the history of science in post-war Britain and Professor Svante Lindqvist of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has lectured in Oxford on the ‘bricks and mortar of science’.

It is now the turn of the third apex of the triangle and the next Delta Lecture will take place at the Whipple Museum, Free School Lane, Cambridge, on the 24th April, when Dr David Edgerton of Imperial College, London, will speak under the title ‘From Innovation to Use: ten (eclectic) theses on the historiography of technique’.

The 1997 Thomas Harriot Lecturer will be the distinguished historian of astronomy and former member of the Museum’s staff, Professor John North of the University of Groningen. The lecture will be given in the Champneys Room, Oriel College, at 5 p.m. on the 22nd May, when Professor North’s title will be ‘Stars and Atoms’.

Jim Bennett will give one of this year’s Chichele Lectures to be held in All Souls College on the 30th May. His subject, and title, will be ‘Christopher Wren’.

Full details of the times and places of all the lectures can be found in the Calendar opposite.