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Collection and Comparison Seminar

Spring, 1996

The programme for the second year of the research seminar in the Museum on ‘Collection and Comparison in the Sciences’ has been arranged by Richard Drayton and Jim Bennett.

While the inaugural series was confined to local speakers, this year papers will be given by visitors to Oxford, with the sole exception of Patricia Kell from Wadham College, who will open the series by addressing eighteenth-century acquisitions policy in British museums.

Harriet Ritvo from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will talk about monsters and Eric Jorink from Groningen about marvels, Anthony Turner from Paris will give a paper on Robert Plot in the year of the 300th anniversary of his death, and Michael Wintroub from Cambridge will conclude the term by ‘taking stock at the end of the world’.

The seminars will be held in the Museum at 5 o’clock on Wednesdays, except Anthony Turner’s on the 8th May, which will begin at 6 p.m. Full details can be found in the calendar.