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Museum Graduate Course Approved

Autumn, 1995

The M. Sc. course to be based at the Museum, which was announced tentatively in Issue 1 of Sphæra, has now been approved by the hierarchy of relevant University boards and is included in the new edition of Oxford University’s Graduate Prospectus.

This is an important and exciting development in the life of the Museum, demonstrating its commitment to making use of the extraordinary resource of the collections in a unique contribution to higher education. The first students will be admitted in October 1996, for a twelve-month course comprised of both teaching and research. Interested potential applicants should make contact with the Museum as soon as possible.

The main focus of the course will be the role of instruments in the history of science and technology from ancient times to the early twentieth century. It will also cover collecting and the place of museums in the history of science. Since it will take place in a working museum, students who wish to will have opportunities to become involved with documentation, display and exhibitions as part of their work.

The taught part of the course will continue until halfway through the third term of the year, with students being required to attend three sessions per week – lectures, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, visits, and the like. After the conclusion of the taught part of the course, three written papers must be taken, which will cover Science, Technology, and Instrumentation, from ancient times to 1700, from 1700 to 1850, and from 1850 to the present. Each student will then write a dissertation on an approved topic, under the guidance of a member of the academic staff. Anyone interested in the course should, in the first instance, write to the Keeper for further information, at the Museum’s address, which can be found on the back page.