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Six New Postcards

Spring, 1995

Six new postcards have been published by the Museum, bringing the total in the present series, the third, to twelve.

The new subjects are: a theodolite by Humphrey Cole, dated 1586 (accession nos. 24-37 and 51-54); a diptych sundial, made in Nuremberg by Thomas Tucher (or Ducher), c. 1630, (Lewis Evans Collection no. G 214); an eighteenth-century Flemish Drug Jar, of tin-glazed earthenware, by an unknown maker (catalogue no. 45); an engraving by Michael Burghers, entitled ‘Musaei Ashmoleani pars orientalis’, executed in 1685 and depicting the east front of what was then the Ashmolean Museum (accession no. 33-7); a lithograph by Nathaniel Whittock of ‘The Geological Lecture Room, Oxford’, showing William Buckland lecturing on fossils to an audience of distinguished senior members of the University, in what is now the ground-floor gallery of the Museum but at the time – 1823 – was the University’s School of Natural History (accession no. 69-31); and a photograph of H. G. J. Moseley, taken in 1910 in the Balliol-Trinity Laboratories, Oxford (accession no. 64-95 (part)).
Cards can be purchased individually in the Museum, or sets of twenty can be ordered, post-free, for £4. Please indicate which you require, or ask for a selection to include all twelve cards in the series.